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Interesting Swimming Pool Trends

We have far evolved from the basic, white, rectangular swimming pool. Over the years, new trends in swimming pool construction and remodeling have really made pools original, unique and very customized. Read on for inspiration for your future or current Monmouth County swimming pool.

Trend #1: Fire & Water

This combination has become popular because of its functionality as well as the aesthetic look it gives to the pool. There are so many fire features that you can bring to the pool area including fire pits and fireplaces. Not only does this extend the backyard season well into the cooler months, but it also is beautiful as the light glows off the reflection of the water.

Trend #2: Characteristic Materials

It used to be that a backyard pool was finished with white plaster. Now, there are all sorts of design trends that homeowners are choosing to make their pool unique. By choosing glass tiles, pebbles and stones in the finish, a swimming pool can be as unique as the homeowner and aesthetic beautiful.

Trend #3: Built-in Ledges and Bars

Relaxation is one of the top benefits of pool ownership. What better way to relax than to be able to tan and lounge on a built in ledge or have you and your guests be able to enjoy a beverage at a swim up bar. These built-in features also provide a great place for kids to play.

Trend #4: Sport Pools

Many homeowners are ditching the shallow to deep design of a pool and making the depth level. This new trend opens up a whole new world for sports and fitness. Games like basketball and volleyball are evenly played and lap swimming is also easier. Homeowners can also opt to do simple exercises like leg lifts and arm movements.

Trend #5: Saltwater Chlorination

Many homeowners are opting to make their pool chlorine free by switching to saltwater chlorination. Not only will they have to handle less chemicals, but it is also a more natural feel.

Trend #6: Energy Efficiency and Automation

Many homeowners are looking to save money with their pool maintenance. By switching to energy efficient pool pumps and heaters, the homeowner is not only saving money but also energy. They can also add a solar cover to reduce water evaporation. Automation is also attractive to pool owners because they can time when their pool pumps and heaters run and also turn on lights and jets automatically.

Trend #7: Outdoor Living Rooms

The pool has become a central location to gather and entertain. During the summer, guests can cool off while relaxing and enjoying a great meal. Outdoor kitchens with the latest furnishings have extended living spaces beyond the back door. During the cooler months, a fire feature is a great place to gather.

All of these trends prove that swimming pool design and usage has evolved. These beautiful gathering spaces create a sense of community for both family and friends. It will be interesting to see how they evolve and take shape in the future!

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