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Exercising while being out in nature?! Bonus!

Holiday Pools Of Monmouth County Explains Why A Swimming Pool Is One Of The Best Fitness Tools Available

The kids are back to school, and now is the perfect time to relax, hop in the pool, and get a good workout in! Why does it have to be in the pool, you wonder? The weight of the water provides a natural resistance which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. When submerged, (especially if you are over-weight, out of shape, or even nursing an old high school injury) the water supports some of your body weight making workouts easier on your joints. This highly reduces the chances of injury. Using water aerobics will also help you heal faster, which is why so many doctors recommend aquatic therapy for those with suffering from joint injuries, infections, or those who are healing from post-op surgery. Holiday Pools wants you to stay safe this summer, but be sure to gain all benefits of your backyard pool, because it will be crisp outside before we know it.

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