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5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Contractor in Monmouth County

Holiday Pools Of Monmouth County Provides Tips on Selecting a Pool Contractor

Looking to install an inground pool in your New Jersey backyard? This can be an exciting prospect, but first you have to find a pool contractor that won’t take you for a ride. This decision can be a stressful one, but if you do your research it should go smoothly. You don’t want to settle on a pool contractor who’s incompetent, lazy or unethical! It’s a good idea to call at least three builders to get price quotes and ask questions. Here are some more tips to follow on choosing the right pool contractor for your project.

Get word of mouth recommendations. Ask family, friends and fellow neighbors who did their pool and whether they were satisfied with the end result. This could be a good way to learn which contractors to avoid and which ones to embrace. Augment these recommendations by checking out watchdog sites like BBB, and look at online reviews such as Yelp.

Check those references. Asking for – and actually calling – references is a crucial step in the process. If you get a long list of references from your contractor, take that as a good sign that the contractor has done good work and formed lasting positive relationships. Choose a few randomly to follow up with. If your contractor is hesitant to give you references or keeps “forgetting” to get them to you, this could be a red flag.

Look into the contractor’s background. Check out records and investigate the background of your chosen contractors by heading to the Better Business Bureau to check for complaints. If you don’t mind paying a small fee, check out Contractor Check to view overall contractor ratings and details about the builder’s business operations. Check with the state in which you live to learn their regulations on swimming pool construction. Ask your contractor if he or she is certified, licensed and insured to work in your state.

Trust your instincts. Is there a little voice in your head telling you that something is “off” about a particular contractor? This doesn’t mean the contractor isn’t skilled in his chosen field, but perhaps you don’t get a good vibe from him because he’s standoffish, uncommunicative or pressuring. Red flags include asking for all payments up front, pushing you to choose the pool company for financing, insisting on cash, giving a very low estimate, or just a lack of professionalism in behavior and appearance.

Protect your peace of mind. The cheapest price is not always the best way to go. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more for peace of mind. Fly by night contractors may save you money in the short run, but what happens when you have an issue later on and they’re nowhere to be found to correct it? Pay more for a consummate professional who will be around for many years so you can rely on him for seasonal attention.

Now are you ready to start your pool installation in New Jersey? Holiday Pools is your first choice when it comes to pool contractors you can trust for a job well done.


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