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10 Essential Trends for Your Custom Built Swimming Pool - Monmouth County, NJ

Designer pools are a popular addition to your home. They can completely transform an outdoor space and serve as a fun and functional space for the whole family. The best homes across the globe celebrate summer in style – with exquisite pool designs that are well and truly integrated into the design aesthetic and personality of the home.

Here are 10 essential trends to consider for your custom pool design:

1. Mosaic Tile Designs

Swimming pool design is as much about the material choices made, as the designs that are created. Mosaic tiles can be used to create a variety of stunning designs in or around your custom pool. Though glass tiles are becoming a common choice for their slick simplicity, at Integrated pools we often make use of Bisazza tiles which offer complexity and depth, and for over half a century have been involved with some of the most prestigious and luxurious swimming pools in the world. Designed using Amalfi Poison tiles and clear glass-rendered waterline "Pool Gem" tiles, this Integrated Pool at Flinders is an artistic match for its verdant surroundings.

2. Infinite Edge

Infinite-edge is a cosmetic design feature that allows the edge of a swimming pool to drop off into the horizon. An effect created through a lowered lip, which overflows over one edge and allows the pool to merge into the surrounding landscape. In 2017, you can expect 'knife-edge' pools to become more popular. They are similar to infinite edge pools, but with multiple edges overflowing to create an even more impressive effect. Located on a hilltop in Warrandyte, this luxury Integrated Pool enhances the views of the bushland and valleys that surround it.

3. Lounging Ledges

An essential luxury addition for sultry Australian summers is a lounging ledge for your swimming pool. Lounging ledges are comprised of a shallow area in your pool, usually around 20cm deep, which can be used for relaxation and sunbathing, and for children to enjoy a safe paddle. The addition of inbuilt lounging ledges are a multi-purpose and striking addition to any design.

4. Remote Controlled Pools

As technology evolves, innovations to custom pool design mature with it. The most recent technological developments allow your luxury pool to be controlled remotely, often offering features that allow you to connect to the pool over your smartphone or mobile device. This puts features like lighting, pumps, temperature and cleaning at your fingertips, wherever you are. You can now heat your pool on your way home from work! At Integrated Pools, our builders and designers are enthusiastic about using growing technological trends to facilitate modern pool design and functionality. This fully tiled L-shaped spa & lap pool in Kew is designed to allow each area to be heated separately and individually via iPad/iPhone technology.

5. Marriage of the Elements

One of the more sophisticated swimming pool trends of recent years combines space; natural terrain and climate, delivering architectural designs that range from luxurious to opulent. This allows fire, wind, earth and water to co-exist within the leisure spaces around your pool. This Integrated Pools design in Camber well may look like a regular lap pool on the surface, but in its depths, a full-height wall window looking into a state of the art wine cellar will take your breath away.

6. Natural Lighting

Lighting is an integral aspect of architectural design, and the lighting for your pool is no different. Skylights, windows and sliding doors are a must have for indoor pools that require natural lighting. In-ground deck lights add drama to the design, whilst illuminating the path to a pool. The addition of carefully selected lighting helps control the atmospheric quality of your pool and can be used to create exciting effects on both the main pool and water features. As alfresco designs gain popularity, outdoor downlights for patio and veranda areas that surround your pool are a design trend that delivers ambience. In 2016, this trend has evolved further to use fire pits and fire bowls as design elements that boost the design aesthetic of your outdoor pool. These flame-based features offer a primal contrast to deep blue waters and add an ethereal effect as light reflects off the pool at night.

8. Outdoor Living Spaces

With a growing emphasis on family and lifestyle design, pools have long emphasized the architectural importance of well-integrated indoor and outdoor spaces. Swimming pools that serve as a central feature of your outdoor living spaces and serve a variety of entertainment functions are by no stretch a thing of the past. But how well do they fit in with your indoor living spaces? Nestled in the heart of a stunning lap pool, this integrated Pool utilizes a floating deck that serves as the focal point of the overall entertainment area, just inches from the indoor living spaces.

9. Water Features and Inbuilt Spas

Water features add a touch of atmosphere, fluidity and movement to outdoor spaces. The sounds and sights of waterfalls, fountains and rain walls delight the senses and soothe the mind. Spas serve a dual feature within a custom pool, they add luxury and comfort but can also be used more functionally to circulate the water and add a patterned finish to an otherwise still pool. Take this amply spaced Integrated Pool in Glen Iris, the large space features an integrated spa, which is located at a convenient distance from the sloping depths designed for children to play in.

10. Pool Heating and Cooling Systems

Pool heating is not new, but the options available on the market are becoming increasingly sophisticated and efficient. Some heat pumps now include cooling functions to keep the water comfortable on those hot summer days. Luxury options can also provide ecological heating solutions, such as solar and geothermal energy. Located on a steep slope in a Eucalyptus forest in Hoddles Creek, this Integrated Pools features an eight-star energy efficient pump and solar heating, for minimal impact on the environment.


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